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I'm freaking out!!

Helloooo!! OMG it's May!!!..yay..I don't have much time to post..so now I am posting!! XDXD
Yeasterday I've watched the JB's new video!!! OMG Paranoid is the best video ever!!! I hope that this year they win a VMA's!!!
BTW here's one of my last work..hope you like it


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So far so great!!!

So far so great!!! You know that I love this song??!!
I LOVE sing that song..it's perfect...and Demi..woww it's a great singer!!!
BTW for a week I'm at home cuz' it's easter!! Yeah for a week nooo School!!! I'm sooo happy!!
So, I've just finished that work..tell me what you think..I like it and you??

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Rock Star!!

Hi!! It's sunday..no school!! This is a good thing..yesterday evening I've watched with my BFF "The Others"..This is film is beautiful!!
I like very much Nicole Kidman in that film..she's a good actress..I like her!!
Today I've done this Miley Cyrus's work..Do you like it??
I think that is one of my best works!! I like it very, very much..this is so "Rock star"..and Miley in this photoshoot is so Woman..don't you think??
So that's my work..hope you like it too!!

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Picture/Hairs to Burn!!!

Hi!! Yeah it's April..I was sick of March..but now It' s April, so that's mean that're left 2 Moths..and then the school is END!!
Let's talk about that..school..tomorrow I am having a English's test...HOPE..HOPE..HOPE...that's my only word now!!
So in the last 2 days I don't have much time..so I post a work that I've done a month ago..
Yesterday I was listening Picture to Burn while I was stretching the hair and I felt a smell of burnt .. my hair was burning! 
I could not believe .. I was dying laughing..Maybe Tay will write a song called: "My hairs to burn"XD
But now..That's my work.. but this is not a Picture to Burn!!!
Hope you like it!! =)

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I can't wait to "post" again XD

Hi..I just finish my homework..yes school..I'm so tired and I'm thinking to watch X Factor..I like this show..is one of my favourite
Tomorrow, I'll post some new works (maybe..I don't know..XD) but maybe my future work will be on my lovely Tay and Demii..and JB of course..so See you tomorrow..and "I can't wait..to post again" noo!! XD..to see you again..(Awesome song!!!!-->Miley!)

See you tomorrow!! :D

Did you forget?

Just listening a beautiful Demi Lovato's song: Don't forget..everytime I heard it..I just..feel strange..I dont know why..this is what Demi can does.. 

And now..another work about Sel..hope you enjoy it! :D



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You're on my Heart just like a tattoo

Listening Jordin Sparks's song after dinner..after that I'm going to watch the Big Brother..the italian television sometimes is soo stupid!

Hope you enjoy my last work..I did it Sunday Evening..Goodnight & Goodbye

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I'm Martina and I'm from Italy..Milan, this is a wonderful place but I don't like it very much.
You know, I prefer Los Angeles..New York..New Yersey..big and smoll town..yes..this is want I want.
But now at my age I don't know very much want I want for my Future...I'm so tired to study, and every time I open a book..'We know what happend'..I close that book..now I'm sooo sick!!
The only thing that I want to study is English..yess..you'll say: "This is the craziest person ever!!" but no, I just love speak English and I love all things related to this matter..so we returned to America..NY..LA...and bla bla bla.
At this point I am the craziest person ever..I love my idols and not only cuz' they're "cute""hot" "Is in the top of the chart..so now I'm her fan blabla" and thing like that..but cuz' they let me think about a lot of thing..maybe how is their world??..I don't know
So this is me..my 24/7 is my computer, my idols, photoshop, my family and school *_*  yess school..boring but with my classmates is a strange school..funny sometimes.

Hope you'll be my friend

XoXo - Maty

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